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Upgradation of airfield for BHP billiton at zamzama, dadu sindh


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    I want to pass along some very important news that everyone needs to hear!

    In December of 2017, Donald Trump made history by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Why is this big news? Because by this the Jewish people of Israel are now able to press forward in bringing about the Third Temple prophesied in the Bible.

    Jewish Rabbis have publicly announced that their Messiah will be revealed in the coming years who will be a leader and spiritual guide to all nations, gathering all religions under the worship of one God.

    Biblical prophecy tells us that this Jewish Messiah who will take the stage will be the antichrist “who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God” (2 Thessalonians 2:4). For a time he will bring about a false peace, but “Therefore when you see the ‘abomination of desolation,’ spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place (Matthew 24:15)…then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be” (Matthew 24:21).

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    We all know God exists. Why? Because without Him, we couldn’t prove anything at all. Do we live our lives as if we cannot know anything? No. So why is God necessary? In order to know anything for certain, you would have to know everything, or have revelation from somebody who does. Who is capable of knowing everything? God. So to know anything, you would have to be God, or know God.

    A worldview without God cannot account for the uniformity and intelligibility of nature. And why is it that we can even reason that God is the best explanation for this if there is no God? We are given reason to know or reject God, but never to know that He does not exist.

    It has been calculated by Roger Penrose that the odds of the initial conditions for the big bang to produce the universe that we see to be a number so big, that we could put a zero on every particle in the universe, and even that would not be enough to use every zero. What are the odds that God created the universe? Odds are no such thing. Who of you would gamble your life on one coin flip?

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  7. One more issue is that video gaming has become one of the all-time largest forms of entertainment for people of various age groups. Kids play video games, and also adults do, too. The actual XBox 360 is probably the favorite video games systems for folks who love to have a huge variety of activities available to them, and who like to learn live with other folks all over the world. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

  8. I have realized some considerations through your blog post. One other stuff I would like to mention is that there are numerous games on the market designed particularly for toddler age little ones. They include things like pattern acknowledgement, colors, wildlife, and patterns. These commonly focus on familiarization rather than memorization. This keeps children and kids occupied without sensing like they are studying. Thanks

  9. Eric Newton’s presentation on the history and future of journalism was surprisingly interesting. In it, he painted a stark picture of not only the future of journalism, but also the future of the world and how it relates to the journalistic profession.Newton listed the history of journalism, as well as the theory that a new brand of media evolves with every passing generation. From the pamphlet age to our current digital media juggernaut of an existence, one can definitely see the cyclical nature of journalistic evolution. But Newton didn’t simply stop at the current age. Instead, using predictions from “The Singularity is Near” and similar books, he applied the technological outlook to journalism. With the advent of new robotic organisms and faster, more instant global dissemination, the future speed and reach of news will only expand.However, I believe the human element will fall by the wayside in the relatively new future. While the ability to deliver the news will speed up, the same can be said of how humans wish to receive the news. Long drawn out explanations will no longer be desired. They barely are now. Journalists role will decrease. People will want the information, and at most they will look to experts for analysis.

  10. Today Eric Newton, Senior Advisor to the President of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, spoke out to the public about history and the future of news. Specifically what 1767 tells us about 2100-2110. He eagerly told us that as Cronkite students we are attending the only University that is a two time winner for media innovation from the Knight Foundation. The lecture proceeded into how one may know what will happen in the future, especially to a year so far away like 2110. People in their twenties currently play key roles, people like us. Every new generation creates new news media outlets. Ever since the American Revolution, all throughout civil war and the third awakening, new medias have developed. From pamphlets to the world wide web the news world is evolving. In order to keep developing and opening our minds to newer and more intelligent ways of learning and experiencing news in our world we, as journalists, must do a number of things. We must be more creative, have truthful storytelling, watch more science fiction, understand the past and present of news etc. Basically, we must think of crazier and grandiose ways to further the development of news media in order to progress in the future.

  11. “The Pelican Brief” was another movie about the dangers that journalists my face when the are muck racking. It also is another example at how shady the government is, yet they yield plenty of power and will use it if they do not like something that is being said. I know that these movies are to inform us but they also inflict plenty of fear. It shows you that this world is not all peaceful and dandy, but it is our job to make sure that the public is aware. I guesss heros impose alot of danger upon themselves. I hope that once I become an investigative reporter it is not as risky for me. Either way I will do whatever it takes to shine light on the truth. Truth will always prevail.

  12. ?Eric Newton, Senior Advisor to the President of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, led the Must See Mondays lecture, “A History of the Future of News: What 1767 Tells Us About 2110,” and made some dubious points about the gradual change in media and journalism. He began the chronological tour of the ever-changing media world with verbal communication, then upgraded to the pamphlet; penny press; the telegraph until we  arrived to where we are today—helplessly occupied by our cell phones, iPads, televisions and computers. He touched on how early popular TV programs helped the creation of many of the devices we have the opportunity of using. The Flintstones had its version of Skype, where its characters were able to communicate via video, and Star Trek unveiled the planet’s first cell phone. These out-of-the-box inventions backed the words of Newton, when he said we must think “crazy and out of this world,” when moving forward in this digital age.

  13. Eric Newton, Senior adviser to the president of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, is aware of the major changes in media that journalists need to embrace. His idea is one must create and embrace the crazy ideas. He pointed out that each generation has grown up with a different media outlet leading the way in delivering news, a cycle that is promised to continue with the development of new technologies. As journalists, we must embrace the outlets for news as much as the stories themselves. The world has come a long way from the first printings of books and pamphlets to what he labeled the “digital” age. Newton suggests the future of news sharing will become even quicker and delivered in a more personal matter the farther we go into the future.

  14. Eric Newton spoke of “The History of the Future of News,” and it was quite interesting. It definitely backs up the saying about history repeating itself. It does not necessarily have the exact same history, but without doubt, the concepts. Newton talked about human communication and its evolution. During the late 1950s and 1960s, the human race became obsessed with the Space Age. Everything was futuristic, from the furniture to the fascination with landing on the Moon. Television shows, for example: The Jetsons, Star Trek and Space Odyssey all show certain gadgets that are now in the 21st century, and some things that still have not been invented, at least in the public’s eye. In The Jetsons, the characters often communicated in way that we would call “skyping”, using Skype. In Star Trek, they used what looked a lot similar to a cell phone and in Space Odyssey, the iPad. Media will forever continue to grow, but with that, there will be more crises and wars.

  15. A New State Slouches for Moscow to Be Born

    The Soviet marriage or organization of Soviet Socialist Republics, As it ‘s been around for 70 years, Is no greater. But it has not ceased to exist, And this delicate moment of uncertain move is a time of special peril. Even the three republic leaders who announced the founding of a new commonwealth of Independent States, While preemptory in launching the end of the Soviet Union, a said it “Is ceasing its living, not that it had ceased to exist.

    the point is not academic. Mikhail S. Gorbachev as ceo of the Soviet Union, And the Supreme Soviet and congress of Peoples Deputies, May be superfluous. But notice speedier the union’s executive organs? especially true, What about the Soviet armed forces, All members of which have taken an oath of loyalty to the Soviet Union? on top of that, Many servicemen are not citizens of the earth republics.

    What about responsibilities, inwardly and outwardly, Of the Soviet Union in those republics not part of the commonwealth? yet, The leaders of the earth republics have undertaken to “Guarantee the fulfillment of overseas obligations, Treaties and agreements of the first kind Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, But what about treaties signed with respect to the former union including treaties on strategic and conventional arms reduction but not yet ratified?

    The declaration of the original commonwealth leaders states activities of the Soviet Union “On the territories of the states members of the earth are ended, regardless of if so, What of these activities on other territories for example, you see, the Soviet embassies? or a, a little more ominously, What of armies and arms including nuclear weapons in other republics of hmo’s Soviet Union? And what about the Soviet armed forces far away in the Baltic states, Poland and uk?

    in short, insurance coverage Soviet Union “has always been ceasing” To exist, It will not be replaced in all its functions. Gorbachev is not likely to revive the old federal union, Or to gain contentment for the new union he had been seeking a confederative Union of Sovereign States. Yet he is the residual leader of a union fading but not yet dead and still playing an important if transition role.

    This uneasy time of transition to a commonwealth may be brief, But that isn’t yet clear. Nor is the result. i have discovered answers to all the illustrative questions posed above, But there is hundreds answer to most, And the gap could be crucial to stability of the area and even the world.

    Gorbachev’s position is one critical adaptable. He may step down. He may accept the earth, particularly when offered the position as chairman of its coordinating body but that is unlikely. start resenting it, If he is constantly on the bid for the support of the Soviet military, It might lead to a fragmentation of the armed forces and possibly civil war but that is also unlikely. The most satisfactory outcome would be a negotiated agreement on phasing out the rest of the union functions reached by Gorbachev, The three original commonwealth leaders Boris N. Yeltsin, Leonid michael. Kravchuk and Stanislav Shushkevich work President Nursultan A. Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan and possibly some other republic leaders.

    Historians will long debate whether or not the breakup of the Soviet Union was inevitable, And what was the level that led to its collapse. While we now know it was extremely hard to revive the Soviet Union through Gorbachev’s “Restructuring, maybe perestroika, at 1985 to 1991, We are unaware of whether a different pattern of change might have succeeded. What if more travelling across economic reform had been mounted in the mid 1980s? What if a devolution of power to the republics had been pushed at that same time, in lieu of attempted only after the slow pace of economic and political reform had further discredited any union? suggests, The commonwealth has one great advantage over Gorbachev’s successive new unions: it isn’t really tagged with burdens of past failures and the sins of “Moscow, Gorbachev’s partnership of 1989, Or even nov, 1991, has been fashioned into a “earth, But it bore the stain to be devised at “the middle,

    The centrifugal propensities that triumphed in late 1991 were not wholly and, in some instances, Not even largely “Nationalist” as well as “ethnic, very secure, A major source of popular support for independence was the widespread belief that decisions made in Moscow were with regard to the worsening economic and social situation.

    That is why the majority of the 12 million Russians in Ukraine (lots of in the Baltics) Voted for independence. That is why Belarus voted for health.

    Another major factor bringing about the centrifugal flow of power was Yeltsin’s ukraine beauty campaign against Gorbachev and the Communist Party. Once Yeltsin acquired a power base in the Russian Federation, He used all the opportunity to build that base while weakening the center. The more he weakened the middle, a lot more other republics gained as well.

    marriage Communist Party lost its grip, When the August coup zero, Yeltsin began to see hanging in keeping a weak center for certain functions that Russia could not take over or that would estrange the other republics above all, domination of nuclear weapons. The weakened new union Gorbachev was seeking from September to December was fair to Yeltsin, But not to any Ukrainian campaigner for the key Dec. 1 selection. Ukrainian denial of any “union” A word President Gorbachev should have jettisoned utilizing growing recognition of a need for economic cooperation, thanks to the “commonwealth” conformity.

    Faced with a choice of estrangement from Ukraine or from Gorbachev, Yeltsin properly opted to woo Ukraine. then again Yeltsin, a choice between from haste or spite, Moved to dissolve the existing union without even consulting Gorbachev or along with the rather large loose ends such as the control of the armed forces. Already paymaster of the armed forces and all central governmental bodies, Yeltsin believed newborns increase the was small.

    in the meantime, We all must wait to hear. Security in the unsound and unsettled Soviet disunion, And yet that there is little we can do but wait and keep in contact with all sides. on the other hand, Even before the political shift of the former Soviet Union is complete, There is urgent need for economic tips. As admin of State James A. Baker III said on tuesday, the actual can take a lead in that effort. In the for any run, There is much we and others in the West can do to help a peaceful economic and democratic continuing development of the countries of the former Soviet Union.

  16. How to simply Seduce Korean And Chinese Girls

    hi, Dean Cortez and some powerful Asian dating tips. Today we’ll focus on how to accummulate Asian girls using powerful techniques of influence and persuasion.

    The other night my buddy Hunter and I hit a nightclub in san fran.

    as you know, These types of hot Asian girls can occasionally go out and shoot guys down just for the fun of it. And they NEVER pay for their own individual drinks, since there is always an endless supply of loser guys who will buy them drinks just to get a moment of their time.

    Hunter and I are gurus on the topic of how to get Asian girls and date Asian women, And we know these great hotties require a slightly different set of tactics. you’ve got to TEASE these girls, BUST ON THEM a few details, And make sure they know you’re NOT an average, Ordinary guy who is in awe of their looks and eager to impress them.

    which means, My Hunter started communicating with a hot little 22 year old Japanese babe with an amazingly hot body.

    She said something unusual, And seeker smiled, and he took a sip of his beer, He considered to her.

    You could tell that Hunter’s comment had taken could be Asian girl by surprise!

    She’s thoughts, “WHAT did he just say? southern chinese women i am his type, But I’m allowed to be EVERY guy’s type,

    So one the hand, She was sort of pissed off and confused.

    But in spite of this, It was glaring that Hunter’s “Cocky self-belief” Had made a switch in her brain. But Hunter didn’t give her the acceptance she wanted. He did another! At some point, He fundamentally handed her his beer and said “Hold this regarding your sec, I gotta make a telephone call, And went outside for several minutes.

    require Hunter had her “passionate, He shifted to another location gear and started using Conversion Control techniques. He said to her,

    “Y’know, I can tell that since we look a certain way, Guys make presumptions about you. I bet most guys never take time to really know you, And find out what you’re about. I get the sense that you have been actually a lot deeper and more sensitive than people realize,

    This little praise he paid her sounded sincere and original, maintained your body made Hunter seem like a perceptive dude who “comprehends” lady. (When in fact,in actuality, He just used a tactic called a Cold Read I give many types of these in the Mack Tactics guide on how to pick up Asian girls this way) A statement like this will get her to start sharing private information about herself that you can then use to “Build the text” along with her.

    the entire “regular” boyfriend, In that illness, Would be attempting to make awkward small talk instead of PUSHING the conversation forward into the right areas.

    But when using a Tactical approach to get Asian girls, It becomes surprisingly easy and have them as feel attraction and pick them up.

    first, Life is a game to suit. does not matter what, to you’re wedding or not single. and that’s exactly completly true, Men have to guess what they’ve in mind.

    Second, They will never accept potentially they are wrong. in all honesty i don t know why? Too incredibly? mh,

    No real respect for things in most cases.

    If they cannot have a real answer or justifitive from a question. They will let you know, here you go china, Or they will confirm, Well i am chinese language program. Or people in china are of that ranking.

    and, If you express yourself about something that you have, discover that was bad. She will do believe you. But she will not mean promoted, Because she is also like this.

  17. We’re losing critical queer space

    When Chelsea Reynolds was in graduate school at the institution of Minnesota, She and her friends would read craigs list personal ads together, just the casual encounters section. They’d scroll through explicit posts posted by anonymous users, Many of whom were displaying grainy nude photos and taking no strings attached sex.

    That was in the early 2010s. Reynolds said she started reading these personal ads while she was in high school.

    That incognito complete, that comes with its ownerotic lingo (“str8, “BBW, “dom, “BB, thus.), Has given Reynolds a virtual window into the intimate lives of unknown people.

    “Most my buddies are queer, alleged Reynolds, Who similarly identifiesas queer. “We were amazed at how many straight identifying both males and females were seeking same sex hookups on the site’s sex forums,

    This phenomenon inspired Reynolds to conduct an analysis of associated with Craigslist personal ads. While polishing off her master’s degree, She circulated a 2015 academic article titled latina women dating “I Am Super precise and I Prefer You Be Too, Reynoldsstudied media coverage ofCraigslist casual has ads for her2017 doctoral dissertation, and located several patterns: About 50 percent of the news stories preoccupied on sex crimes or sex work, And an additional 20 percent covered police efforts related to the site’s personal ads.

    The overwhelmingly negative coverage did not seem to jibe with what she had discovered in her review of hundreds of Craigslist personal ads, Posted from 2005 to 2016 in ny, Chicago and are generally. “My studies have shown that most Craigslist sex forum users were normal people seeking to explore their sexual desires with strangers online, She stated. Reynolds defined virtually all these users as “remedy outsiders” “LGBTQ people today, Non monogamous employees, And kink and fetish communities who aren’t a leading target audience for the milquetoast dating sites, She also highlighted that “Statistically a small amount of” Of Craigslist’s users are affected individuals of sex trafficking.

    nevertheless, News content pieces ofmurders, Rape then, of late,Fathers trying to sell their children for sex have only increased the sketchy reputation of the site’s personal ads. Sex trafficking commerce, Reynolds defined. “Whether purposely or not, Mainstream journalists catalyzed a moral crusade,

    that a majority of “crusade” Culminated this past Friday in Craigslist’s deletion of all of its personal ads, Save for missed links. This comes in respond to acontroversial new bill a fusion of the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) And the Stop this enables Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA) Thatthe Senate voted 97 2 to pass a week ago. President Trump is predicted to sign the bill when it reaches his desk. the check will amend the “excellent Samaritan” Clause in Section 230 of the contact Decency Act, Whichshields websites from liability of content posted by its users. with out them, It’s likely that the social networking driven nature of websites as we know it todaywould not exist.

    This is not the first time Craigslist listings have come under scrutiny re sex trafficking. regarding 2010, The siteshut down its section for erotic services after it faced pressure from state attorney general a move that may have.

    there were little precedent, but nevertheless, For the knee jerk removal of the personals section last week what to many of the site’s LGBTusers might have felt like waking up to get Tinder had simply vanished off their phones overnight.

    But for the majority of LGBT people who have, The deletion of the personals section amounts to the shuttering of some other queer space one that provided a free and accessible cyber haven for many wishing to explore their sexuality and gender.

    “People would look into the ads and be shocked by how sexual they were, Said syndicated advice columnist Dan Savage,Who alsohosts a well known podcast,Savage love,It facilitated human connections that were not always exploitative or dehumanizing I know who find themselves in 10 and 15 year relationships that began on Craigslist, That began by using a hookup,

    When I asked Savage what impact losing services such as Craigslist personal ads could have on the queer community at large, He paused and asserted, “it’s simply hard to put into words,

    For a generation that came of age with the world-wide-web, craig’s list and its contemporaries were queer spaces where people could “Tiptoe from closet” and never having to risk outing themselves, Savage rumoured. “Apps and Craigslist turned staff members apartments, on condition that they wished, Into a bathhouse riding moved online,

    cl was, absolutely, Not the first this kind of “Bathhouse of the world wide web, As Salon so called AOL in 1999. Gay ads would seem in printed newspapers and magazines from the 18th century onward, One desired example being Gai Pied, Once the most widely read gay magazine in France founded by journalist Jean Le Bitoux and named by philosopher Michel Foucault. Gai Pied developed personal ads from 1979 until 1991.

    on his 2009 book, Harry dicks, A lecturer at the college or university of Nottingham,Showed how personal ads ads in the 20th century were a precursor to today’smobile dating apps. And much just as as queer people once posted print personal ads out of sheer necessity, The LGBT community was also an early adopter of international dating. Queer people used a variety of such websites at a time when there was a strong stigma associated with finding romantic partners using the internet. Today a large number of same sex couples meet online.

    But Savage is concerned that this new legislation could “Imperil the manner we date now, if the SESTA FOSTA bill hasn’t even been signed into law and alreadyseems to confirm the fears of many who opposed it. He deems into your market a “Classic shoot thyself in the foot sex panic,

    “What’s going to take place when sex workers move to OkCupid or Christian Mingle or FarmersOnly, He inquired about. “Anybody can go anywhere on the web and put up a personal ad on a million different apps and sites. as a result, Are they all going to de-activate? Is this the end of Internet personals,

    how much Craigslist personals are dying at time when the American public is becomingless tolerant of LGBT people worries Brandon Robinson, A postdoctoral fellow in the department of gender and sexuality at the or even of California at Riverside. robinson, Who uses gender simple “folks” Pronouns, Hasstudiedhow queer people’s lives are often shaped by organization,there are very real consequences such as loss of family ties and employment discrimination toward people with same sex desires and attractions, especially if these desires and attractions are known, brown told me.

    While there are quite a few LGBT focused dating apps, Robinson said it was the open to anyone with a particular email address accessibility and total anonymity of Craigslist that made it so appealing and distinct.

    “Anonymous networking tools are still important for a variety of different people who want to explore and/or enact their same sex desires, As these desires will always be stigmatized, They laughed and said, Adding that rapidly blemishes, Internet personals do have many pluses such as helping queer people “Find each other or just not feel alone across the world,

    Robinson and the most people I interviewed for thisarticle fear that the most marginalized queer people such as sex workers and those in more rural areas will be most harmed and isolated by the deletion of Craigslist personals. Robinson also believes these Craigslist users certainly are the least inclined to try the more mainstream dating apps, Most of which require users to use their first names and go to their social media accounts.

  18. implications of the federal court order banning the terms

    Federal District Judge Gladys Kessler found that the major American tobacco beautiful ukrainian girls companies violated the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt organizations Act, Defrauding the public by stealthily marketing “thin” using tobacco. Judge Kessler’s ruling prohibits the defendant tobacco companies from implying overall health benefits through using misleading terms such as “way, “minimal” or perhaps “Low tar residue, Or through other oblique means. This ruling could be interpreted narrowly as simply prohibiting certain words, Or could be interpreted broadly as prohibiting implying advantages by any other means, adding colour, information or images. it’s necessary to include indirect communications, As tobacco companies easily circumvent narrow promotion and marketing bans. A narrow design would be inconsistent with the court’s comprehensive factual findings of fraudulent intent by the industry. A broad design of the Order, this consists of existing brands, Line extensions and new cigarettes and tobacco products such as potential reduced exposure products that are marketed as “smoke, Judge Kessler’s order could make a tremendous contribution to protecting health.

  19. About World site radio

    This was agreed contained in the UK russian girls government’s Spending Review in October 2010. during the past, The BBC World Service was funded by a Grant in Aid from the Foreign and commonwealth Office.

    The BBC World Service is available through a range of radio, TV and on the internet outlets. These relationships enable the BBC to offer a selection of its content to a wider audience.

    The BBC World Service seeks to work with trusted and high quality providers around the world.

    For general opinions, You can e-mail us by email, Or on facebook.

    You can tell us what you think of BBC World Service programmes by getting in contact with the radio show Over To You.

    You can also help shape the future of crucial BBC programmes by joining the BBC Global Minds online discussion forum.

    BBC life ServiceZone C, 7th FloorW1A 1AA

    Arabic tv shows, Arabic Radio and two of the World Service English radio streams to Europe and the Middle East could be found on the Hotbird satellite.

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