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Saita Pakistan has the state-of-the-art construction and project equipment’s which provides a competitive operational advantage and contributes to the high quality and timely completion of projects. Our customers can be confident that Saita’s equipment is safe and reliable. Our fleet/equipment listed below, includes dozers, excavators, breakers, cat loaders, grader, trucks, rollers and others;




List of Tools Plants & Equipment for Constriction, Erection & Stringing of High Tension Transmission Lines

S. No. Equipment Condition Availability Owned By
1 Complete Survey Equipment Nos. 03 Company
2 Concrete Mixer Machine Nos. 08 Company
3 Vibrators with Leads Nos. 05 Company
4 Plate Compactor  (Mechanical ) Nos. 03 Company
5 Centrifugal Pumps with Diesel   /  Petrol Engine Nos. 13 Company
6 Diesel Generator set (Different Capacities) Set 05 Company
7 Formwork Tower Foundation Sft. 31500 Company
8 Formwork / Shuttering Plates Sft, 16500 Company
9 Scaffolding Pipe and Joints Rft. 34000 Company
10 Aluminum Derrick Pole  ( Gin Pole ) Nos. 01 Company
11 Steel Derrick Pole Nos. 01 Company
12 Light Winch Machine Nos. 03 Company
13 Pulley Blocks Nos. 12 Company
14 Torque Winch Nos. 08 Company
15 Snatch Blocks Nos. 08 Company
16 D – Shackle Lot Bulk Company
17 Steel Rope for Winch machine Rft. 3560 Company
18 Steel Rope for Guy  (150 Ft. each) Nos. 20 Company
19 Manila Rope  (250 Ft. each) Nos. 21 Company
20 Ring Spanner Off Size Lot Bulk Company
21 Toome Sets Lot Bulk Company
22 Safety Helmets / Belts Lot Bulk Company
23 Chain Blocks 3 tons & above Nos. 30 Company
24 Steel Slings Off Size Lot Bulk Company
25 Misc. Small T & P Lot Bulk Company

Heavy earth moving machinery work in progress.



A dragline excavator is a piece of equipment used in civil engineering and surface mining. In civil engineering the smaller types are used as pile driving rigs. The larger types are used in strip-mining operations to move overburden above coal, and for tar-sand mining. Draglines are amongst the largest mobile equipment ever built on land, and weigh in the vicinity of 2000 metric tonnes, though specimens weighing up to 13,000 metric tonnes have also been constructed.
Under 25 yd.




Instead of an apron, these scrapers include a hydraulically- or electrically-driven elevator made of two chains equipped with a series of crossbars. The elevator’s purpose is to aid in loading material into the scraper’s elevating bowl. Dumping material is achieved by sliding the floor of the bowl backwards; the elevator can be reversed in order to assist in dumping the load evenly.


Elevating Drill






Motor Grader


A grader, also commonly referred to as a road grader, a blade, a maintainer, or a motor grader, is a machine with a long blade used to create a flat surface. Graders are commonly used in the construction and maintenance of dirt roads and gravel roads. In the construction of paved roads they are used to prepare the base course to create a wide flat surface for the asphalt to be placed on. In civil engineering, the grader’s purpose is to “finish grade” (refine, set precisely) the “rough grading” performed by heavy equipment or engineering vehicles such as scrapers and bulldozers.




Scrapers are large motorized machines used for digging, hauling and leveling out materials in a variety of construction jobs. Running on massive rubber tires, motorized scrapers quickly move large quantities of earth around a construction site, unlike the less popular pull-type scraper.