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Our Staff


Saita Pakistan believes that our people are our most valuable asset. From engineers to project managers and from local experts to international specialists, including Japanese, European and American experts, Saita Pakistan offers its clients a vast network of talent and passion. Our dedicated employees take great pride in utilizing their skills, knowledge and experience to deliver safe, timely and innovative solutions to any project. Through these projects,

we have become known for our hard work and recognized as people who complete major construction projects in challenging work environments; respond to meet budgets and schedules; invest in the best people, technology and equipment; and do what is right for our clients and employees. The genuine know-how of our employees fuels the success and continued growth of Saita Pakistan. The key persons of Saita Pakistan are;

Mr. Pirzada M. Ajmal Farooqi                     Chief Executive Officer

Engr. Sohail Bashir                                           Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Yoshiyuki Saita                                          President

Mr. Kim Jin Ho                                                  Senior Vice President

Mr. Toshio Fujita                                              Director Oil & Gas Division

Engr. Abdul Aziz Khatri                                   Director Projects

Engr. Brig. M. Saeed Baig                              Director Engineering Division

Mr. Pirzada Mustafa Kamal                          Director

Mr. Mahboob Ali Shah                                   Chief Security Officer

Mr. Syed Haider Ali Shah                              G.M. Northern Region

Engr. Abdus Salam Shahid                            G.M. (Civil)

Engr. Javed Shafqat Khan                             G. M. (Mechanical)

Engr. Muhammad Bilal Chaudhary              G. M. (Electrical)

Mr. Pirzada Imran                                            G.M.HSSE & IT

Mr. F. Adnan Pirzada                                      G.M. Finance / Administration


Engineering Consultants

Engr. Al-Kazim Mansoor                                   Geo- Engineering Consultant

Engr. Sam McMillan                                        Oil & Gas Consultant

Engr. Yokinori Shibat                                       Engineering Consultant

Engr. Tadashi Kakoo                                        Engineering Consultant

Engr. Yasumichi Takei                                     Engineering Consultant

Mr. T. Kanda                                                      Consultant

Engr. Hena Nusrat                                           Engineering Consultant

Engr. Nosheen Akhtar                                       Petroleum Engineer

Engr. T. Yayama                                                Special Asstt. To President


  • Engineers                                            15
  •  Surveyors                                             5
  •  Supervisors                                       10
  •  Operators                                          20
  •  Mechanical staff                            20
  •  General staff and workers        500* *